Thursday, May 2, 2013

Final Revised

I feel like I touched upon what the class wanted in the last critique. It's less offensive and I believe that the audience will feel more comfortable. This weekend, this is the only class I got work in so I think that I will get a good amount of stuff done. My resume is CRISP. Monday at five is my last chance! Im going to tweak my reel as well. At the career service meeting I learned that I need to make my resume fit the standards of an applicable internship.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Career Services and 2 Artist Lectures

During my meeting with Carrie Brooks, I mostly learned about upcoming internship opportunities and how to edit my resume. I found that you should edit your resume to fit the position you are applying for. Instead of "To obtain a full time position in the animation field" I will make it seem like my objective is to get an internship for this summer. She was pretty impressed with my resume which makes me excited to apply for internships.For an internship that gives you credits I need at least a 2.6 GPA and 60 hours of school. Instead of the order I have my work experience on my resume, I need to do it in reverse chronological, starting with the present.

Adelaide Paul Artist Lecture: I really enjoyed how Adelaide got inspiration from the most dry, disturbing things. At the beginning, she put a note up that said there was some disturbing imagery. The most graphic images that she got inspiration from was the dogs killed in dog shelters piled up in a trash yard. The piece that stood out the most to me was the piece that made recognition for the dogs killed. It was simple, but she made urns for each of the dogs and collected there collars. I feel like this piece had the boldest statement. At first, Adelaide seemed nervous and later she seemed like she got the flow of things. A thing that Adelaide did that I should do is TRAVEL..Her recent work is interesting, but I had more of a feel for the earlier, ceramics pieces she did. Her thoughts of domestication intrigued me and I felt like she has done the years of research she had said she did.

At first, Tom Konyves talked about the diversity of the word “love” and the Dada Movement. One thing that he said was important was spontaneity, which I believe. He said that poetry work should not always get the audience to be comfortable which is an overlaying theme I have been messing around with in this class. Some would find my Jesus piece to be offensive, which is my goal. He began to show poetry pieces that were arranged in an image. Something that caught my eye was this video poetry. I consider myself a poet and while being an animator I like to combine to the contributes to my work. I should of showed Tom Konyves this piece because I think it relates to a lot of the pieces he has shown.