Thursday, May 2, 2013

Final Revised

I feel like I touched upon what the class wanted in the last critique. It's less offensive and I believe that the audience will feel more comfortable. This weekend, this is the only class I got work in so I think that I will get a good amount of stuff done. My resume is CRISP. Monday at five is my last chance! Im going to tweak my reel as well. At the career service meeting I learned that I need to make my resume fit the standards of an applicable internship.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Career Services and 2 Artist Lectures

During my meeting with Carrie Brooks, I mostly learned about upcoming internship opportunities and how to edit my resume. I found that you should edit your resume to fit the position you are applying for. Instead of "To obtain a full time position in the animation field" I will make it seem like my objective is to get an internship for this summer. She was pretty impressed with my resume which makes me excited to apply for internships.For an internship that gives you credits I need at least a 2.6 GPA and 60 hours of school. Instead of the order I have my work experience on my resume, I need to do it in reverse chronological, starting with the present.

Adelaide Paul Artist Lecture: I really enjoyed how Adelaide got inspiration from the most dry, disturbing things. At the beginning, she put a note up that said there was some disturbing imagery. The most graphic images that she got inspiration from was the dogs killed in dog shelters piled up in a trash yard. The piece that stood out the most to me was the piece that made recognition for the dogs killed. It was simple, but she made urns for each of the dogs and collected there collars. I feel like this piece had the boldest statement. At first, Adelaide seemed nervous and later she seemed like she got the flow of things. A thing that Adelaide did that I should do is TRAVEL..Her recent work is interesting, but I had more of a feel for the earlier, ceramics pieces she did. Her thoughts of domestication intrigued me and I felt like she has done the years of research she had said she did.

At first, Tom Konyves talked about the diversity of the word “love” and the Dada Movement. One thing that he said was important was spontaneity, which I believe. He said that poetry work should not always get the audience to be comfortable which is an overlaying theme I have been messing around with in this class. Some would find my Jesus piece to be offensive, which is my goal. He began to show poetry pieces that were arranged in an image. Something that caught my eye was this video poetry. I consider myself a poet and while being an animator I like to combine to the contributes to my work. I should of showed Tom Konyves this piece because I think it relates to a lot of the pieces he has shown.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I think that because I animated this before and had to rescan all my assets and reanimate, the piece came out better then the original. I kept the original track because I felt that there wasn't anything wrong with it, but I bet that the clan will want me to change it. I'm actually kind of excited for this critique. We all worked long hours in order to make these animations and I am stoked to see what the rest of the class has. I am aware that there needs to be some editing in the closeups of Jesus because there is a number of stray pixels. I wonder what the outcome of this critique!

Feast your eyes!
The first draft of my final!

Here is my Behance profile:

Here is my vimeo:

Here is my youtube:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Work In Progress (Rough Draft)

I took a step backwards because I had done all my animating in the wrong size. I feel like my animation this time around is a lot more clean. I only had time to finish the interview and this time I added closeups of Jesus. Jill had wanted me to take out the gay bashing and contradicting phrases by Jesus but I decided to keep them. I wanted to authenticate what I see christians contradicting all the time.

I made the horrible mistake of animating all my assets in the wrong sized composition. I've tried to resize and trouble shoot but I think I'm just going to have to ask Jill about this one. I feel like I got all the main animating out of the way and one of the things I need to focus on is the video mouth I plan to have. I believe that I'm going to have to either rerecord the audio or lip synch myself. I believe I can lip synch this myself because I have the whole script and rap memorized. I'll post my notes on how the critique went in the future.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Internships/Extra Credit: Pricing Art Work


I know this is far fetched but the first internship I researched is at Walt Disney Studios. It’s an eight-week program designed specifically for students who wish to return back to school in the fall. I have a family in with Disney because my aunt, who manages at the Fed Ex forum know the animation director. There is group and single projects that will have students from all over the world. I obtain all the skills mentioned in the Talent Development Program.

This next internship is in Portland Oregon which is a place that I would really love to go to. I am a junior and I am completely qualified for this internship. The internship is for storyboard designing and I think it would enhance my skills to receive this opportunity. Also, it’s a paid internship so I would actually feel like I’m working for money, unlike schoolwork. It is at LAIKA inc. in which I will further research before applying.

Viacom is offering an internship for animation development, production, and postproduction. I am skilled with the programs they mention using and I feel like they are in control with a lot of big names. I have loved Nick since I was little and to have any part of it would be a huge honor.

I am having a hard time finding internships close to home, and this one is not as far as the rest of my research. Blue Sky studios has an internship that I feel strongly connects to me. I just realized that the deadline just passed on April 9th but this is definitely something I will look into next summer. I mean…. Look at these skills that directly relate to me…


Visual Development
Production Engineering
Production Management

Layout (Previs/Camera & Staging)

PIXAR! This is another far-fetched internship but I feel like I am qualified. This one is a bit longer, twelve weeks.  I missed the due date for this one as well but it’s something I can look for in the future summers.


St.Marys' Cathedral Art Sale:
-the church gets 20%
-opera singer will perform to attract large crowds
-it's the first one
-provide tables

Do your research, like etsy. Investigate a show. Make a comparison of the proffessional elements. Construct a set up. Talk to the people with the most experience. Leave behind your snobiness. Everything spent before hand is an investment. Record keeping is important. Talk to the customers.
Book: Crafting as a business.

Materials+Labor+Overhead+selling expenses+profits=whole sale.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Extra Credit/Interview Workshop

We looked at a candidate for a character animator named Jonathon Doe. We are playing the part of the search committee.

Jonathon Doe #1:
He doesn't seem enthused or optimistic. He checked his phone, which is a NO NO. He talks about how he wants the job because it is close to where he lives. He also talks about his failures and emphasises it. His first question was, what does the job pay? He talks about the benefits for himself and not the benefits he contributes. He didn't stick his hand out for a handshake.

Jonathon Doe #2: He knocks it out of the park. He does all the things he should do and he is authentic. Tells about how he fixed a problem, giving a strength instead of a weakness. Major Improvement.

I learned the basics of an interview and now I will set up a mock interview to enhance my communication skills.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Demo Reel Crit/Presentation

Along with movie clips, I will be presenting some images of past works..

This is the first demo reel I previewed. Although the content of the work is outstanding, I found issues with the demo itself. First of all, I believe the title and description of the works need to be presented. Maybe even the programs used to create these works. Also I believe the music could by synced a little better. Maybe the same song in segments across the demo.

Unlike the other demo reel, this has a continuous song throughout and works quite well. What also works is the position outlined at the bottom. I'm sure most of the works were made in a group so it is smart to state the position taken place while making said work. I do think there could be another way of displaying the position without taking up so much screen space.I do believe that this demo reel needs a closing title. At the beginning, the artists name is not displayed long enough for the viewer to read it. I do not believe the titles of each piece are necessary in this one.

I believe this is a very poor example of a demo reel. No titles. No audio. Nothing to explain anything. This would be a good example of what not to do while making this demo reel.

This is a good example of a powerful reel. The content is amazing and the way the reel is organized works. It really made me want to explore the artists works, which I believe is the goal. I felt like the beginning and end titles could have been done more professionally. The font and the display is just bland. It needs more excitement. The second reel I posted would be a good example of an exciting title, except the artists name should be displayed longer. The song works, except it could be less repetitive.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Because I was sick for a week and a half, I'm running a little behind. I created all the assets that are images but I need to record audio this weekend. I also need to set my scenes in after effects. Painting all the images has taken up more time then I thought it would. I am confident that I can catch up with my fellow students. I need to do some trouble shooting with having a live video mouth that is lip synced to my audio. I need to stop making excuses but my other studio class is the reason I lack work in this course. I have all the characters besides one in after effects. I will post images soon so you can see the aesthetic.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Midterm/Final Project Concept


                                Script:J.C. The Emcee

Elevator line
: Jesus Christ is coming back for a new impression to his fans!
Explanation of theme: The big picture is to create humor out of the messages Jesus delivers.
Tone and execution: The aesthetics will be analog with digital animating.
Objective: The goal is to make the viewer take the Biblical stories less seriously.
Audience: My target audience is college students.

Introduction Interview:
I= Interviewer   J.C.= Jesus Christ
(We see Jesus sitting in a chair next to a sign that says “Jesus Christ Comeback Tour”. The interviewer is not visible)

I- So Jesus, or would you rather me call you J.C.
J.C.- Call me J.C.

I-So J.C., I’ve been dying to ask you..whats your father like?
J.C.- He cool. Sometimes he bitches at me.He be like “blah blah blah follow the ten commandments.”

I-We all wanna know..what do you think about homosexuality?
J.C.- Some of my friends are gay, No homo. There could be worse sins to die for I guess. Beyond contrary belief, The bible says nothing about homosexuality. Some think I’m a cross dresser because of my hair and the attire I choose. I’m just against haters.

I- We are all concerned about your values, can you give us three short values that you live by?
J.C.- Shoot hope not dope. Rules are for fools,(under his breath) except the ten commandments. If your gay, just pray.Quit hatin unless it’s satan.

Middle Music Video:
( We start with a close up of moses)
Moses-Let’s get this party started!
( A view of moses from behind infront of the Red Sea. He slams his cane against the ground and the sea starts to split. The arc rides on the waves and floats to the center. A crowd of nuns comes behind moses screaming approaching the arc.The beat starts as Jesus arises from the stage. The crowd goes wild.)

(Jesus Raps..)

(We see Jesus’s full body shot on the stage)
 I’m the lords emcee
They call me J.C.
Cat’s act like they do, but they don’t know me
My man moses spread the red sea just so you can see me.
(A shot of moses bobbing his head)
I’m the bloody savior with the mindless behavior
I’m here to deliver a new flavor.
And God, I’m delicious.
I’m humble and vicious.
I put taxes on your fishes.
(A shot of a Christian fish with dollar signs inside and then back to the stage)
Heaven passes for all my bitches.
(Throws heaven passes into the crowd)
Go to hell, if you think I’m fictitious.
I’m going to make it rain.
(Rain starts to pour)
Before it hit’s the ground, it’ll be champagne.
Only the beatles got as much fame..
I knew at the last supper
That Judas was a dirty fucker.
Don’t betray me with a kiss.
We’ll be watching on Christmas.
Don’t make me add you to santa’s hit list
(Shot of santa and Jesus in a room with guns)
Spinning heads like exorcist.
(Shot of a fan’s head spinning)
So don’t make me pissed.
If you make me mad,
You’ll get to meet my dad.
Got a flow no one can purchase.
One line in a thousand churches.
East side West side, who do you do it for?
I do it for the lord.
My Schedules kinda hectic.
At ten a clock I get resurrected.
(Shot of Jesus Rapping on the cross)
On the cross fully erected.
(Erection appears)
I’ll never get limp, cause I’m the worlds biggest pimp.
(Back to the stage)
I don’t know if you heard.
But God is the word.
(throws bible at fans)

End Message:

Interviewer- If you had some last messages to your fans, what would they be?

J.C. I’ll be back, so remain faithful. Oh and the stories about me are not factual, they are just metaphors that will guide one to live a better life.

Thought Process:

For my midterm, I would like to expand the Jesus rap video. I want to create a narration or background story for the character. I would like to give a more music video vibe. The goal that I would like to reach is to add more humor to this piece. I have created a process of using hand painted content and bringing it into after effects to animate it. I enjoy making an analog element in my pieces. One of the elements that I enjoy is the mask of the mouth so I will continue to use this element. Like most rap videos, there will be bitches with booty, which will probably be nuns. I came up with this idea over the summer and I came up with a couple story boards, but I haven't chose which one. First I want the video to start off with an interview with Jesus where he explains the hardships of being the savior, probably with Donald King to joke about his age. He will describe Judas like the beef between Tupac and Biggie Smalls. I then want a shot of moses on the boat to introduce Jesus with a rap.Something like "here comes our savior with mindless behavior".After the interview and introduction, Jesus will awake on his couch in his cave. In his hand, there will be a forty that appears clear. In the rap, he will talk about the transformation of water to wine and the forty will become wine. He will explain that it's his last day of being in the cave and his first day on tour. He leaves the cage to find two good looking nuns to fit under his arms. His stage will be the broken down ship. He approaches with groupies surrounding the stage. During his rap, Jesus will explain the hardships endured and there will be shots elaborating the rap. His hardships include; arguments between Jesus and his father, Judas stabbing Jesus in the back, and the devils trickery. This piece will be packed with biblical references. The overall message Jesus will convey is that you don't mess with the son of god. I may even want a conversation between god and Jesus through the clouds like Lion King. Jesus will leave the stage in a poof of smoke or be picked up by his fans for crucifixion. I will post a story board soon.

A sample of what kind of humor I'm looking for:

Like Washington in this video, I want Jesus to do outstanding, impossible things. When brainstorming I thought he could do some of these things: contact with aliens, has super powers, time travels, and all sorts of whimsical things. Like a rapper, I want Jesus to be egotistical and brag about EVERYTHING. I like to picture Jesus rapping on the cross.

A line I was thinking of:
"The definition of religious.
I put taxes on yo fishes.
Serve it up for you bitches."

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Revision of flipbook: In critique my fellow colleges and proffesor told me I should make the book bigger with thicker paper. I made it larger for hand size and I added cardstock for my recipe.The cardstock was about 5 dollars. The class also told me I should get a cover. It was pretty cheap, but I went to FedEx Office and got them to bind it for like six bucks. I kept running into a repeating problem, printer running out of ink. I went to that Office and used there printer. For those looking to print 100 color pages it'll run you about 50 bucks.If YOU are looking to make a flipbook like mine,  it'll cost you around 60 dollars. So WALA my flipbook is made.
(picture coming soon)

The book that I proposed that I would do will no longer be the project I present. The people behind the book never got back to me with a storyboard so I had to start from scratch. I first made a scope thing that would show an animation of a skateboarder doing a trick. With hours wasted, I decided that it would not work. I think I made the mistake of putting the skateboarders too close together. We all learn from mistakes and I think it resolved itself. I really wanted my work to be analog so I once again started from scratch on an easy action that I could make into a flip book. Analog: I drew some of the frames of a bomb launching from earth that will destroy earth. Digital: I then colored and added tweens with the help of Toon Boom.  Analog: I printed off tiny images of the short film I made and hand cut it out then punched a hole through the center of each image. I really like how the flip book turned out. This is a copy of the video I used for the flip book.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Puppet Tool, Effects, DAD

 Recently I have received an opportunity to make an ad for a fantasy Novel entitled  “Aoife and Demon”. Since I would like to get paid for doing school work I have decided to combine this Digital Analog Digital project with the ad. I have decided that I want to rotoscope. I plan to take a video into the analog world by printing out each frame of the video and adding paper effects. At first I wanted to do a stop motion piece that comes into the analog form but then I realized that my client needs the digital form of this project. I am supposed to receive the storyboard this weekend so I’m not sure what the content will be yet. Judging from the title, there is a demon and a main character involved. I hope to create a demon paper cut out and create a chase scene between a human and a demon.  Judging by the cover, I will depict a very dark woodsy scene that contains shadowy figures lurking through the night.

After Effects Fiasco: For my effect presentation I decided to teach the class how to make fire.It's a pretty easy effect that is pretty useful.It uses two effects: fractal noise and colorama. Colorama has a preset for fire so it makes it pretty simple. Fractal Noise can also be used for the explosive look. When animating, to make it look like fire, you have to turn the subcomplexity and evolution in the y axis in order to make the fire move upward. This should be a fairly short presentation that I give.


I felt like I needed to use a character that can morph shapes for the puppet tool demonstration. I used an alien man who has really flexible body parts. When I saw this puppet tool being used I automatically thought of a Michael Jordan and his amazing dunk pose.  I decided to do something farely simple in order to accomplish the techniques used. My favorite part in this piece is the ball traveling through the alien.I probably won't touch this piece again because I made it to simply learn the techniques of the puppet tool.

 I plan to bring many materials to mess around with for the effects presentation.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7th/11th

For the seventh time I have edited "The Resurrection". Jill told Hitler to get out of my short because no one can make fun of Hitler or 9/11.Bye bye Hitler. The one element I really enjoyed about the Hitler skit was the videoed mouth so I've decided to give Jesus one. In critique it was said that I needed more closeups for a music video feel, so that's what I did.I'm still working on an introduction and a closure to add to this. I hope that this week I have done enough to finally say "done" with "The resurrection".

For the sixth time I have edited "The Resurrection" and this time I have added Hitler. Hitler is now god.I hope people get a laugh out of my piece. I think it's impressive that I learned how to video mask and create fire before it was taught in this class. One thing that I've always tried to do with my art is to make the familiar unfamiliar. I bet you weren't expecting a depiction of Hitler as god or Jesus as a rapper with a golden chain. I am very satisfied with the results. I think the skills I will use the most are the mouth masks over still images and the classic cut out characters. I feel like my future work in this class will reach expectations because I have learned these skills. I'm not trying to make a statement about Hitler or Jesus, I just wanted to make the serious subjects funny.

In this piece, I have played with masking. There is no concept, it's all experimental. I learned how to make a 3d effect with my text at the beginning. After that, I learned how to make a transparent video over the background filmed. Then I made many masks, including a video mask inside a TV. I used mask interpulation in order to show a number of birds changing forms to other birds. I don't expect the audience to gain anything from this piece because it was just a learning experience. This could be a depiction of my insomnia. I think the skill I will use the most is the ghost videos I created.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jesus Christ Superstar

Assignment Write-up
Jesus has a new talent and it's not turning water into wine. He still knows how to party but he kicks it freestyle with his dope rhymes. I have created Jesus Christ Superstar, aka J.C. the rapper.It was difficult choosing the content of what he says. I kept it simple with two lined rhymes.  Jesus Christ has the largest fan-base in America and maybe the world. He mentions American Idle because it's America's number one rated show and he would rather people read the bible. I almost created a rap that dissed Judas like Tupac and Biggie. Jesus had his own rap in mind when we discussed it. He wanted a biographical rap while I wanted him to have a hardcore rap, so we combined styles. His halo glow is replacement animation. His walk cycle would of been chunky so I made him float in on a cloud. If Jesus does not win this competition, I believe his father will be mad and might destroy the world. Jesus raps for our sins, so give it up for his commandments. Though shall bob their head to J.C.'s rap.

Practice Stop Motion

My character for this first project is Jesus Christ. As we all know, Jesus is about to be on his "Come Back" tour. He is a rapper who preaches a gospel of his own. He has brown hair and blue eyes. I have yet to figure out what to make Jesus do in this piece. He's either going to have a concert, be in the studio, talk to his dad about the rap game, or do something else.

If you make me mad.
You'll get to meet my dad.
Got a flow no one can purchase.
On line in a thousand churches
East, West, who do you do it for?
I do it for the lord.
Fuck American Idol.
Have you read the bible.
The devil is my rival/
You migh ask where I've been.
I've been dyin for your sin.
My schedules kinda hectic.
At ten a clock I get resurrected.
On the cross, fully erected.
I'll never get limp/
Cause I'm the biggest pimp/
Hope your' prayer have been sent.
I don't know if you've heard.
But god is the word.