Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Revision of flipbook: In critique my fellow colleges and proffesor told me I should make the book bigger with thicker paper. I made it larger for hand size and I added cardstock for my recipe.The cardstock was about 5 dollars. The class also told me I should get a cover. It was pretty cheap, but I went to FedEx Office and got them to bind it for like six bucks. I kept running into a repeating problem, printer running out of ink. I went to that Office and used there printer. For those looking to print 100 color pages it'll run you about 50 bucks.If YOU are looking to make a flipbook like mine,  it'll cost you around 60 dollars. So WALA my flipbook is made.
(picture coming soon)

The book that I proposed that I would do will no longer be the project I present. The people behind the book never got back to me with a storyboard so I had to start from scratch. I first made a scope thing that would show an animation of a skateboarder doing a trick. With hours wasted, I decided that it would not work. I think I made the mistake of putting the skateboarders too close together. We all learn from mistakes and I think it resolved itself. I really wanted my work to be analog so I once again started from scratch on an easy action that I could make into a flip book. Analog: I drew some of the frames of a bomb launching from earth that will destroy earth. Digital: I then colored and added tweens with the help of Toon Boom.  Analog: I printed off tiny images of the short film I made and hand cut it out then punched a hole through the center of each image. I really like how the flip book turned out. This is a copy of the video I used for the flip book.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Puppet Tool, Effects, DAD

 Recently I have received an opportunity to make an ad for a fantasy Novel entitled  “Aoife and Demon”. Since I would like to get paid for doing school work I have decided to combine this Digital Analog Digital project with the ad. I have decided that I want to rotoscope. I plan to take a video into the analog world by printing out each frame of the video and adding paper effects. At first I wanted to do a stop motion piece that comes into the analog form but then I realized that my client needs the digital form of this project. I am supposed to receive the storyboard this weekend so I’m not sure what the content will be yet. Judging from the title, there is a demon and a main character involved. I hope to create a demon paper cut out and create a chase scene between a human and a demon.  Judging by the cover, I will depict a very dark woodsy scene that contains shadowy figures lurking through the night.

After Effects Fiasco: For my effect presentation I decided to teach the class how to make fire.It's a pretty easy effect that is pretty useful.It uses two effects: fractal noise and colorama. Colorama has a preset for fire so it makes it pretty simple. Fractal Noise can also be used for the explosive look. When animating, to make it look like fire, you have to turn the subcomplexity and evolution in the y axis in order to make the fire move upward. This should be a fairly short presentation that I give.


I felt like I needed to use a character that can morph shapes for the puppet tool demonstration. I used an alien man who has really flexible body parts. When I saw this puppet tool being used I automatically thought of a Michael Jordan and his amazing dunk pose.  I decided to do something farely simple in order to accomplish the techniques used. My favorite part in this piece is the ball traveling through the alien.I probably won't touch this piece again because I made it to simply learn the techniques of the puppet tool.

 I plan to bring many materials to mess around with for the effects presentation.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7th/11th

For the seventh time I have edited "The Resurrection". Jill told Hitler to get out of my short because no one can make fun of Hitler or 9/11.Bye bye Hitler. The one element I really enjoyed about the Hitler skit was the videoed mouth so I've decided to give Jesus one. In critique it was said that I needed more closeups for a music video feel, so that's what I did.I'm still working on an introduction and a closure to add to this. I hope that this week I have done enough to finally say "done" with "The resurrection".

For the sixth time I have edited "The Resurrection" and this time I have added Hitler. Hitler is now god.I hope people get a laugh out of my piece. I think it's impressive that I learned how to video mask and create fire before it was taught in this class. One thing that I've always tried to do with my art is to make the familiar unfamiliar. I bet you weren't expecting a depiction of Hitler as god or Jesus as a rapper with a golden chain. I am very satisfied with the results. I think the skills I will use the most are the mouth masks over still images and the classic cut out characters. I feel like my future work in this class will reach expectations because I have learned these skills. I'm not trying to make a statement about Hitler or Jesus, I just wanted to make the serious subjects funny.

In this piece, I have played with masking. There is no concept, it's all experimental. I learned how to make a 3d effect with my text at the beginning. After that, I learned how to make a transparent video over the background filmed. Then I made many masks, including a video mask inside a TV. I used mask interpulation in order to show a number of birds changing forms to other birds. I don't expect the audience to gain anything from this piece because it was just a learning experience. This could be a depiction of my insomnia. I think the skill I will use the most is the ghost videos I created.