Thursday, September 6, 2012


Digital Montage

In the bipolar spectrum there are three stages; a manic, a leveled, and a depressing stage. In my diorama I decided to make a collage that would symbolize the manic stage. The triggers that would cause a manic episode for someone are the following:

Crowds and Gatherings
Loud Noise
Lack of Sleep
Changes in Schedule
Stress Level

I have created a representational triangle that are the cause
T.V. showing crowds of people:

A C.D. player that symbolizes loud noise

An alarm clock to stand for the lack of sleep and sleep schedules

Coffee to represent caffeine and lack of sleep.

A meter to stand for stress

The monkey on top of the triangle represents the episode.

I want to use these assets in my collage.I am not sure how i should organize or display them.
I had an idea to place them on a triangle based shelf that shows all the actions but I might show flashes of each

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