Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jesus Christ Superstar

Assignment Write-up
Jesus has a new talent and it's not turning water into wine. He still knows how to party but he kicks it freestyle with his dope rhymes. I have created Jesus Christ Superstar, aka J.C. the rapper.It was difficult choosing the content of what he says. I kept it simple with two lined rhymes.  Jesus Christ has the largest fan-base in America and maybe the world. He mentions American Idle because it's America's number one rated show and he would rather people read the bible. I almost created a rap that dissed Judas like Tupac and Biggie. Jesus had his own rap in mind when we discussed it. He wanted a biographical rap while I wanted him to have a hardcore rap, so we combined styles. His halo glow is replacement animation. His walk cycle would of been chunky so I made him float in on a cloud. If Jesus does not win this competition, I believe his father will be mad and might destroy the world. Jesus raps for our sins, so give it up for his commandments. Though shall bob their head to J.C.'s rap.

Practice Stop Motion

My character for this first project is Jesus Christ. As we all know, Jesus is about to be on his "Come Back" tour. He is a rapper who preaches a gospel of his own. He has brown hair and blue eyes. I have yet to figure out what to make Jesus do in this piece. He's either going to have a concert, be in the studio, talk to his dad about the rap game, or do something else.

If you make me mad.
You'll get to meet my dad.
Got a flow no one can purchase.
On line in a thousand churches
East, West, who do you do it for?
I do it for the lord.
Fuck American Idol.
Have you read the bible.
The devil is my rival/
You migh ask where I've been.
I've been dyin for your sin.
My schedules kinda hectic.
At ten a clock I get resurrected.
On the cross, fully erected.
I'll never get limp/
Cause I'm the biggest pimp/
Hope your' prayer have been sent.
I don't know if you've heard.
But god is the word.

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