Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7th/11th

For the seventh time I have edited "The Resurrection". Jill told Hitler to get out of my short because no one can make fun of Hitler or 9/11.Bye bye Hitler. The one element I really enjoyed about the Hitler skit was the videoed mouth so I've decided to give Jesus one. In critique it was said that I needed more closeups for a music video feel, so that's what I did.I'm still working on an introduction and a closure to add to this. I hope that this week I have done enough to finally say "done" with "The resurrection".

For the sixth time I have edited "The Resurrection" and this time I have added Hitler. Hitler is now god.I hope people get a laugh out of my piece. I think it's impressive that I learned how to video mask and create fire before it was taught in this class. One thing that I've always tried to do with my art is to make the familiar unfamiliar. I bet you weren't expecting a depiction of Hitler as god or Jesus as a rapper with a golden chain. I am very satisfied with the results. I think the skills I will use the most are the mouth masks over still images and the classic cut out characters. I feel like my future work in this class will reach expectations because I have learned these skills. I'm not trying to make a statement about Hitler or Jesus, I just wanted to make the serious subjects funny.

In this piece, I have played with masking. There is no concept, it's all experimental. I learned how to make a 3d effect with my text at the beginning. After that, I learned how to make a transparent video over the background filmed. Then I made many masks, including a video mask inside a TV. I used mask interpulation in order to show a number of birds changing forms to other birds. I don't expect the audience to gain anything from this piece because it was just a learning experience. This could be a depiction of my insomnia. I think the skill I will use the most is the ghost videos I created.

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