Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Revision of flipbook: In critique my fellow colleges and proffesor told me I should make the book bigger with thicker paper. I made it larger for hand size and I added cardstock for my recipe.The cardstock was about 5 dollars. The class also told me I should get a cover. It was pretty cheap, but I went to FedEx Office and got them to bind it for like six bucks. I kept running into a repeating problem, printer running out of ink. I went to that Office and used there printer. For those looking to print 100 color pages it'll run you about 50 bucks.If YOU are looking to make a flipbook like mine,  it'll cost you around 60 dollars. So WALA my flipbook is made.
(picture coming soon)

The book that I proposed that I would do will no longer be the project I present. The people behind the book never got back to me with a storyboard so I had to start from scratch. I first made a scope thing that would show an animation of a skateboarder doing a trick. With hours wasted, I decided that it would not work. I think I made the mistake of putting the skateboarders too close together. We all learn from mistakes and I think it resolved itself. I really wanted my work to be analog so I once again started from scratch on an easy action that I could make into a flip book. Analog: I drew some of the frames of a bomb launching from earth that will destroy earth. Digital: I then colored and added tweens with the help of Toon Boom.  Analog: I printed off tiny images of the short film I made and hand cut it out then punched a hole through the center of each image. I really like how the flip book turned out. This is a copy of the video I used for the flip book.

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