Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Puppet Tool, Effects, DAD

 Recently I have received an opportunity to make an ad for a fantasy Novel entitled  “Aoife and Demon”. Since I would like to get paid for doing school work I have decided to combine this Digital Analog Digital project with the ad. I have decided that I want to rotoscope. I plan to take a video into the analog world by printing out each frame of the video and adding paper effects. At first I wanted to do a stop motion piece that comes into the analog form but then I realized that my client needs the digital form of this project. I am supposed to receive the storyboard this weekend so I’m not sure what the content will be yet. Judging from the title, there is a demon and a main character involved. I hope to create a demon paper cut out and create a chase scene between a human and a demon.  Judging by the cover, I will depict a very dark woodsy scene that contains shadowy figures lurking through the night.

After Effects Fiasco: For my effect presentation I decided to teach the class how to make fire.It's a pretty easy effect that is pretty useful.It uses two effects: fractal noise and colorama. Colorama has a preset for fire so it makes it pretty simple. Fractal Noise can also be used for the explosive look. When animating, to make it look like fire, you have to turn the subcomplexity and evolution in the y axis in order to make the fire move upward. This should be a fairly short presentation that I give.


I felt like I needed to use a character that can morph shapes for the puppet tool demonstration. I used an alien man who has really flexible body parts. When I saw this puppet tool being used I automatically thought of a Michael Jordan and his amazing dunk pose.  I decided to do something farely simple in order to accomplish the techniques used. My favorite part in this piece is the ball traveling through the alien.I probably won't touch this piece again because I made it to simply learn the techniques of the puppet tool.

 I plan to bring many materials to mess around with for the effects presentation.

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