Sunday, April 7, 2013

Demo Reel Crit/Presentation

Along with movie clips, I will be presenting some images of past works..

This is the first demo reel I previewed. Although the content of the work is outstanding, I found issues with the demo itself. First of all, I believe the title and description of the works need to be presented. Maybe even the programs used to create these works. Also I believe the music could by synced a little better. Maybe the same song in segments across the demo.

Unlike the other demo reel, this has a continuous song throughout and works quite well. What also works is the position outlined at the bottom. I'm sure most of the works were made in a group so it is smart to state the position taken place while making said work. I do think there could be another way of displaying the position without taking up so much screen space.I do believe that this demo reel needs a closing title. At the beginning, the artists name is not displayed long enough for the viewer to read it. I do not believe the titles of each piece are necessary in this one.

I believe this is a very poor example of a demo reel. No titles. No audio. Nothing to explain anything. This would be a good example of what not to do while making this demo reel.

This is a good example of a powerful reel. The content is amazing and the way the reel is organized works. It really made me want to explore the artists works, which I believe is the goal. I felt like the beginning and end titles could have been done more professionally. The font and the display is just bland. It needs more excitement. The second reel I posted would be a good example of an exciting title, except the artists name should be displayed longer. The song works, except it could be less repetitive.

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