Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Extra Credit/Interview Workshop

We looked at a candidate for a character animator named Jonathon Doe. We are playing the part of the search committee.

Jonathon Doe #1:
He doesn't seem enthused or optimistic. He checked his phone, which is a NO NO. He talks about how he wants the job because it is close to where he lives. He also talks about his failures and emphasises it. His first question was, what does the job pay? He talks about the benefits for himself and not the benefits he contributes. He didn't stick his hand out for a handshake.

Jonathon Doe #2: He knocks it out of the park. He does all the things he should do and he is authentic. Tells about how he fixed a problem, giving a strength instead of a weakness. Major Improvement.

I learned the basics of an interview and now I will set up a mock interview to enhance my communication skills.

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