Sunday, April 14, 2013

Internships/Extra Credit: Pricing Art Work


I know this is far fetched but the first internship I researched is at Walt Disney Studios. It’s an eight-week program designed specifically for students who wish to return back to school in the fall. I have a family in with Disney because my aunt, who manages at the Fed Ex forum know the animation director. There is group and single projects that will have students from all over the world. I obtain all the skills mentioned in the Talent Development Program.

This next internship is in Portland Oregon which is a place that I would really love to go to. I am a junior and I am completely qualified for this internship. The internship is for storyboard designing and I think it would enhance my skills to receive this opportunity. Also, it’s a paid internship so I would actually feel like I’m working for money, unlike schoolwork. It is at LAIKA inc. in which I will further research before applying.

Viacom is offering an internship for animation development, production, and postproduction. I am skilled with the programs they mention using and I feel like they are in control with a lot of big names. I have loved Nick since I was little and to have any part of it would be a huge honor.

I am having a hard time finding internships close to home, and this one is not as far as the rest of my research. Blue Sky studios has an internship that I feel strongly connects to me. I just realized that the deadline just passed on April 9th but this is definitely something I will look into next summer. I mean…. Look at these skills that directly relate to me…


Visual Development
Production Engineering
Production Management

Layout (Previs/Camera & Staging)

PIXAR! This is another far-fetched internship but I feel like I am qualified. This one is a bit longer, twelve weeks.  I missed the due date for this one as well but it’s something I can look for in the future summers.


St.Marys' Cathedral Art Sale:
-the church gets 20%
-opera singer will perform to attract large crowds
-it's the first one
-provide tables

Do your research, like etsy. Investigate a show. Make a comparison of the proffessional elements. Construct a set up. Talk to the people with the most experience. Leave behind your snobiness. Everything spent before hand is an investment. Record keeping is important. Talk to the customers.
Book: Crafting as a business.

Materials+Labor+Overhead+selling expenses+profits=whole sale.

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