Thursday, April 18, 2013

Work In Progress (Rough Draft)

I took a step backwards because I had done all my animating in the wrong size. I feel like my animation this time around is a lot more clean. I only had time to finish the interview and this time I added closeups of Jesus. Jill had wanted me to take out the gay bashing and contradicting phrases by Jesus but I decided to keep them. I wanted to authenticate what I see christians contradicting all the time.

I made the horrible mistake of animating all my assets in the wrong sized composition. I've tried to resize and trouble shoot but I think I'm just going to have to ask Jill about this one. I feel like I got all the main animating out of the way and one of the things I need to focus on is the video mouth I plan to have. I believe that I'm going to have to either rerecord the audio or lip synch myself. I believe I can lip synch this myself because I have the whole script and rap memorized. I'll post my notes on how the critique went in the future.

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